Shantyboats and Roustabouts Author Interviewed on Bookmarked, Jan. 3, 2023

On January 3, 2023, I appeared on Priscilla Vance Leder’s Bookmarked program on KZSM Radio in San Marcos, Texas. We covered a wide range of engaging issues raised by my new book, Shantyboats and Roustabouts: The River Poor of St. Louis, 1875-1930. Click on the start button if you’d like to listen to the conversation.

2 responses to “Shantyboats and Roustabouts Author Interviewed on Bookmarked, Jan. 3, 2023”

  1. Row Girl Row. Thank you for reviving these forgotten peoples. I asked myself why were they forgotten. I thought it had to be the locations of the poor river itself. Loved all your stories during the period of time. I think most of the women were a story unto themselves, and their life stances. They were fierce, romantic, as well as being feminist well before their time. The fullness of their childhood to womanhood was indeed a struggle, many not making it, many being the Irish Washer Woman, many who were powerful dealing with the river. I found your book most estimable, and timely. Thanks for the awakening.


    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and analytical comment. It would be wonderful to have a study that focused on shantyboat women alone. If you haven’t read it already, I believe you would also enjoy author Denise White Parkinson’s “Daughter of the White River.” I appreciate your taking time to comment on the interview.

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